How do I connect with a call2doc doctor?

To connect with a call2doc doctor, simply complete the quick registration process and our artificial intelligence system will guide you on how to schedule an appointment or request immediate connection to a physician.

What is it like to see a doctor online with call2doc?

Our technology and physician services are designed to provide a comfortable and seamless experience for patients seeing a telemedicine doctor. You can connect with a physician through our online remote patient room or by phone, and our feedback shows that our doctors are very effective at establishing a relationship with patients in a remote setting.

How do call2doc remote visits compare to in-person visits?

Call2doc offers comprehensive online services that allow you to connect with licensed healthcare providers in your state via video or audio at your convenience. Our telemedicine remote visits follow all the same privacy and care guidelines as traditional in-person visits, but with the added convenience of accessibility.

Who are the doctors at call2doc?

All of the doctors at call2doc are U.S. board-certified, state-licensed, and credentialed in their respective fields. Our network consists only of top providers with the highest patient feedback ratings.

Approximately how long is the wait time to connect with a call2doc provider without an appointment?

On average, we are able to serve patients within 15 minutes.

Do I need health insurance to access call2doc?

No, anyone can access the call2doc service at any time.

Can I receive call2doc services when I am traveling within the US or internationally?

Yes, call2doc is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection or phone. For appointments in different time zones outside the US, we recommend scheduling in advance to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

Can I get a doctor's note or sick slip for my child or myself to return to school or work?

Call2doc functions just like a traditional physician clinic, so notes covering medical absence from work or school can be issued at the discretion of the provider if requested by the patient.

Do I need a membership to request a consult?

Membership is not required to request a consultation with call2doc, but membership can help to reduce the cost of a visit and the time it takes to begin the consultation process.

How long will a typical call2doc consult be?

Consults vary in length depending on the patient’s condition and needs. Call2doc physicians ensure that patients receive the necessary amount of time to fully address any concerns and answer all questions. Our consultations average approximately 10 minutes.

Will my health information and payment details be kept private and secured?

Your health records are kept totally private and we employ robust encryption methods along with HIPAA compliant storage method to protect your personal information and data. Patients have full discretion to determine who can see the information in their records.

What specialties does call2doc cover?

Call2doc offers a range of telemedicine services that allow us to provide specialized and expert medical care remotely, even if your location has certain restrictions. We are able to treat a wide range of complex conditions, including: • Orthopedic surgery • Cardiology • Sleep disorders • Nephrology • Dermatology • Hematology • Oncology • OB/GYN • Ophthalmology • Psychiatry • Orthopedics • Otolaryngology (ENT) • Surgery • Urology • Rheumatology • Neurology • Pulmonary • Gastroenterology • Endocrinology • Infectious diseases

What urgent care services does call2doc offer?

Call2doc offers a variety of urgent care services, including treatment for: • Asthma • Ear infection • Gastrointestinal disorders • Respiratory congestion • Stomach ache • Athlete’s foot • Earache • Itchy skin • Runny nose • Urinary tract infections • Eye infection • Bronchitis • Sinus infection • Wound infections • Mental health • Migraine • Burns (heat/chemical) • Fever • Congestion • Flu symptoms • Nausea • Sore throat • Vomiting • Skin allergy • Smoking cessation • Rashes • Cough • Fungus infection • Allergies

Can I still request a consultation if I do not have a smartphone or computer?

Yes, you can still request a consultation with call2doc if you don’t have a smartphone or computer. You can simply call our call center and register over the phone, and we will connect you to a healthcare provider.

How is call2doc different from other telehealth or telemedicine providers?

Call2doc is a physician-led practice with a team of clinical experts who have extensive experience in a variety of medical specialties. Our extensive network of specialty physicians allows us to provide specialist and sub-specialist expert opinions in many medical fields. Our patients have access