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Our innovative telehealth platform and programs to the fastest growing segments of healthcare.

Call2doc is an excellent addition to any Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care plans to bring our innovative telehealth platform and programs to the fastest growing segments of healthcare. More than 1 in 4 of all beneficiaries in both traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage had a telehealth consultation in 2020. Seniors unitized telehealth services in record numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to reduce exposure, travel, and inconvenience.

Our telehealth platform and patient-centric care programs allow all  call2doc members to appreciate the safety and convenience of virtual care. Benefit from our personalized approach to building the correct plan and branding for each Medicare & Medicaid Partner to deliver the right coverage and the best rates for your members. With an innovative telehealth platform, the availability of physicians anytime and anywhere, and the convenience of home monitoring and testing, call2doc delivers superior care, improved outcomes and a better quality of life for members. Become a call2doc partner and offer top-tier, patient-centric telehealth services at an affordable rate.

Innovative Patient-Centric Care Program

Our Virtual Primary Care Physician, Chronic Disease Management, and Integrated Specialty Care Programs are just a few examples of how our unique personalized care capabilities can benefit a wide range of member needs.

Our programs are optimized for patient convenience with full home capabilities.

Top-Tier Providers

Call2doc physicians are recruited from top medical institutions and are subject to rigorous credentialing and quality control measures.

Members have access to top-tier medical services in all 50 states, with 24/7 coverage and industry leading wait times.

Anytime, Anywhere Care

Call2doc is an ideal choice for Medicare and Medicaid partners who want to provide the best possible care for their members anytime and anywhere in the world.

Our innovative technology platform, patient-centric services, and global physician network give plans the confidence that their valuable members will have a healthcare partner who provides a high quality of life, best possible patient outcomes, at affordable rates. With home monitoring and lab testing, the call2doc solution is both superior clinically, and convenient practically.

Flexible Solutions

Call2doc is large enough to meet the care needs of large Medicare and Medicaid providers while still being agile enough to work with smaller plans to create a personalized and differentiated solution designed specifically for the unique needs of their members.

As one of the rare entities that can provide services in all 50 states, we are often able to uniquely develop programs with our clients. We are invested in partnering with our clients to define the best telehealth strategy with the best outcomes.